Dual Fuel/Boost 50 PSI Pressure Gauge


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Part Number: 106-102-1R-1
Description: Fuel Pressure and Boost Pressure Instrument Gauge
Size: 2″ diameter,
Pressure range: 0-50 psi,
Dial color: Black background, White characters
Pointer arc sweep: 270 deg,
Pointer color: Red fluorescent and Green Fluorescent
Bezel: Flat black,
Illumination: L.E.D. Pointers and dial are back lighted
Accuracy: 2% at full scale
12 volt or 24 volt gauges available

Includes complete installation kit.

Commonly used to monitor fuel and boost pressures on internal combustion engines.
May be used on Automobiles, Trucks, Busses, Marine, Motor homes, Aircraft, Performance Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Industrial

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Weight.875 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 3.25 in